Here by the owl, duck, albatross

Gee, for a student teacher in an Agricultural Education Program, shouldn’t it simply be “Here by the owl?” What’s up with the other birds?  It’s been a “bird” filled week for Brittany.  Whereas I just wanted to “flip the bird” (okay not really, but it went with the bird theme) at the winter weather and the days of school missed or delayed, she saw it as an opportunity to learn about being adaptable, being flexible and adjusting lessons to meet the schedule. (Dear Winter, that opportunity is getting old!)

Wednesday was the monthly chapter FFA meeting, so I “threw the book” at Brittany (That book would be the official FFA manual) and had her do the advisor’s role in opening ceremonies. Bird #2 =  “Here by the owl.”  Additionally she introduced herself to the FFA members.  From 4-H involvement to interest in horses, she was able to make connections with several of them.

Thursday Bird #3 for the week appeared. Brittany had heard about Camp Oswegatchie already and Thursday the much anticipated box of goodies arrived.  It included information about the AdironDuck Race, Camp Oswegatchie brochures and flyers, some pins from the Oswegatchie Ropes Program and as packing material retired racers. So, the story of retired racers had to be told and Brittany got to adopt her own duck.

What was Friday’s bird? We had a brief discussion on a potential bird watching activity. So when I got home and saw the Cornell Birds Albatross LiveCam feed on my Facebook, I knew I had to tweet (Isn’t their logo a bird) her about it.  We’ve been using Twitter to share short bursts of ideas, links and inspirations.

Feb FFA Meeting Snow Duck BR


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