If I could make a living playing on social media . . .

Once I returned home from my mother’s where there was no Internet or TV (or even furniture for that matter. She’s in the process of moving.) I was able to spend Spring Break embracing my inner nerd. I spent a lot of time “playing” on the Internet and social media pages. This down time gave me time to experiment and toy with my blogs on WordPress, explore new twitter chats, and work on some website editing with Weebly.

The reality is that I had a lot of fun doing it. So, what did I do?

  • Inspired by a face to face conversation at Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) National Policy Seminar, twitter friend Bryanne and I co-founded #CTEChat (Wednesdays at 8pm EDT).  I realized that we were sharing links and content during the chat and recruiting others to moderate.  Why not organize the resources with a #CTEChat Symbaloo?  Then, since I created an ACTE Teacher of the Year website, why not add a #CTEChat page there too?
  • On the drive to my mother’s inspiration struck to celebrate career and technical education teachers with a CTE Teacher Feature. I wasn’t really sure what that would look like, but by the end of Spring Break, I had a CTE Teacher Feature Blog started with an information request form page as well. Woohoo! Nerd thrill to discover the form worked and I already received a response. Time to set up the gmail to filter those responses. 😉
  • I had neglected both this blog as well as my I’m a Mc: iBlog so it was time to get reconnected with them.  This meant playing a little bit with sidebar features and trying to choose a free layout that I enjoyed.
  • I’ve had “Teacher Like a Pirate” as a coffee table “decoration” for a bit and had started to read it. Then, I stumbled across a twitter chat (Thursdays 9pm EDT) to hold me accountable to reading and processing what I read. You can join us, too. Check out the schedule or just explore #tlap.
  • I even took some time to binge Pinterest. That’s really how I see my Pinterest journey. I ignore it for two or three weeks then spend two hours on it.
  • Of course, there was my regular twitter scrolling and Facebook time. I’ve learned that although I started both of them as a personal place, the professional development I have gained and resources I can incorporate into my classroom have blurred the line on them for me.

As break comes to a close, the reality of writing lesson plans, grading papers, and planning for FFA events sinks in. I love my chosen profession as an agricultural educator, but I got to wondering what job would want to pay me for playing on social media and sharing my passion for teaching and career and technical education advocacy. If you think of one, let me know.


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